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A Pressie is a creation of your own imagination 

immortalized between two pieces of glass

to be worn, hung, or displayed however you choose...

Pressies Booth

We have hundreds of images and sayings to choose from to make your custom "Art-Glass" creation truly your own

However, if you can't decide or you want a little spontaneity, we have many

pre-made Pressies to offer in a variety of genres and sizes

Special Orders Don't Upset Us

Have It Your Way at Pressies

All photos & art used are copies-

no originals are harmed in the making of your piece

Simply email us a copy of your photo or art(best resolution possible) and we'll do all the rest-

no need to have the picture ever leave your hands

Pressies Booth

Commemorate a Special Event

Have a baby on the way? A wedding? An anniversary? A reunion? The Holidays?

Make it extra-special with a Pressie. We'll take your photo and make a physical memento of the occasion; putting the date, names, and event on the back so you or whomever you share it with will know exactly what it is and what makes it special.

Pressies Birth Charms
Pressies Wedding Charms

Made While You Wait

Once you've chosen the art for the front and back of your Pressie, Sue gets right to work on any trimming or sizing and then wraps it in the copper; after the copper goes on, it's passed over to Sam who then solders it sealed with the lead-free Silver, adding on any jump rings or silver-wire decorations. Then it's cleaned up and passed back to you.

Congratulations, after thoughtful planning, creative cropping, and skillfully using a 600°F soldering iron, you have a Pressie that is truly your own- made by us but designed by you!

Custom Art Glass Creations

All Art Glass Pieces Are Two-Sided

Your Choice- Plain Back or Another Picture

The Process

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