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  • "What format can my picture be in?""
    We can take any photo format you choose; .jpeg, .png, .tif, and .psd are the best to use. Be sure that your scanner is set to the optimal photo resolution before you scan it to insure a clear and sharp result.
  • "Will my original picture/photo be harmed?""
    Nope, we take your scaned picture that you send to us and print it out in the size you ordered.
  • "What size can my picture be?""
    If it fits on your scanner bed, it'll work just fine. We will change the sizing to fit the Pressie size(s) you ordered. Remember, only send your personal photos or copyright free art to be made into a Pressie.
  • "Two sides??? What do I do on the back????""
    Choices, choices, choices.....You've got some choices: another picture, pretty paper, a saying/quote, or whatever else trips your trigger. It's your Pressie, let your imagination run wild with the glitterfied rainbow unicorns! Special orders don't upset us.
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