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What to do with all that macaroni...

Over the next month schools are going to be starting back up,  and if you have younger kids that means more macaroni, finger, and paper mache art is going to be added to your fridge. But what if there was another smaller, simpler way to display that carefully crafted, but also large art? At Pressies, we can make their art into 2x3 ornaments, complete with their art, name, date, subject matter, and the title of their piece. All we need from you is a scan of their art and all the information you'd like on the back of the piece. Since Pressies are two sided you'll get a full unobstructed view of their art and still be able to simply flip it over to read about it. Since its small it can be displayed on a small easel on a desk or shelf or hung as an ornament in a window or for later on a holiday tree. If you want to share it with their grandma or grandpa then there's no worry over who can have the original- just let us know when you order how many you want and if they are to be identical or personalized for the recipient.

There's just something about a simple silver frame that just brings a certain elegance to any medium of art.

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